FaceME is a product within the ME brand. In a world wrought with over-stimulation, dwindling resources, extreme crowding and near constant human interaction, managing your emotions can be exhausting. faceME uses data collected through cameras, sensors, networks and other surveillance materials to determine the nature of the situation and your relationship with the people you are interacting with. It then projects the appropriate emotion onto the FaceME mask.

FaceME has an expansive database of codified emotions that can match nearly every single known human emotion. The codes are standardized across all ME products, therefore there is nevery any ambiguity like the type found in organic human interactions. FaceME also releases chemicals and massages your face at key stimulation points in order to make you feel the appropriate emotion in a given situation. You will never be confused by your ambiguous and complicated feelings again.

FaceME also comes with a filtering system that purifies the air as you breathe it in through the mask. In addition to being an emotional guide, FaceME keeps you healthy and safe.

The ME network connects your FaceME to all of your smart devices. It keeps track of your feelings, activities, interactions, purchases and physical function for effective emotional mediation.

FaceME also keeps track of your friends and family and makes interaction easy, clear and reliable. FaceME adjusts your emotional responses to their expressions and takes care of the small talk. No more misunderstandings, arguments or emotional strain!

FaceME does not only track and mediate your emotions, it can actually affect them! Using auditory, haptic, and visual stimulation, or releasing nerve agents through the air filter, FaceME keeps you in the right mood all the time!

FaceME knows and anticipates your feelings and needs better than yourself. That's why it can help you to be more creative, reach your goals and pursue your dreams. All that energy you used to spend on maintaining complicated relationships can now be directed to fulfilling self-actualisation!


The FaceME mask provides privacy and safety, and manages social interactins for you.


Vibration and pressure pads induce auditory sensations through skull conduction and provide haptic feedback.


FaceME communicates with you through augmented reality lenses.


The emotional expression LEDs dislay a suitable emotion for any situation in a coded, effective and reliable way.


The air filtering system eliminates pollution and pathogens from the air.


The gas dispenser releases emotion-endorsing fumes to calm you down or pick you up.